Turbine Acoustic Enclosures Manufacturers & Suppliers

  1. HS Engineers and provide Acoustic Enclosure can be effectively used in multiple applications as mentioned below:

    1. Compressor Acoustic Enclosure
    2. Air Blower Acoustic Enclosure
    3. CNC Machine Noise Enclosure
    4. Cement Panel Blower and Grinding machine Noise Enclosure
    5. Acoustic Enclosure for noise generating machine
    6. Power Press and Fin press Noise Enclosure
    7. Electrical Motor and Transformer Acoustic Enclosure
    8. AC Fin Press Acoustic Enclosure
    9. Punch Press Enclosure
    10. Sound Proof Operator Cabin
    11. Glass Crusher Acoustic Enclosure
    12. Sheet Cutting Machine Acoustic Enclosure
    13. Noise Testing Chamber/ NVH Test Chamber/ Quiet Room
    14. Engine Test Cell/ Dyno Test Cell Acoustic Treatment

    15. Wind Turbine Noise Control Enclosure
    16. AC and Home Appliances Noise Testing Booth
    17. Machine Noise Control Sound Barrier
    18. Wire Winding Machine Acoustic Enclosure
    19. Machine Enclosure along with Vertical Lift doors and “L” Type Doors
    20. Anechoic Chamber

    21. Semi/Hemi Anechoic Chamber conferming to ISO 3744 & 3745
    22. Noise Test Booth for Conveyor Line and for R&D Test Lab
    23. Noise Barrier to control Industrial Noise
    24. Industrial Silencer, Acoustic Louvers. sound Attenuators

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