Wood Wool Acoustic Tiles


Our Acosonic Wood Wool Fiber Acoustic Ceiling Tiles/ Boards are environment friendly building acoustic & thermal insulation material. HSE Acoustic wood wool tiles are very light weight and can also be finished with any aerosol or Water based Spray Paint. Our Acoustic Wood wool Tiles are widely supplied in India & APAC countries like Nepal, Maldives, and Thailand etc.

Our Acoustic tiles having very astonishing Sound absorbing properties, Due to its multi cellular fibrous structure they are very good in absorbing Noise & echoes. Our 20mm thick Acoustic Board having average NRC with 50mm Thick, 48 Kg/m3 Density Insulation is 0.90.

Sound Absorption Values

Frequency(Hz) 125 250 500 1Khz 2Khz 4Khz
NRC 0.43 0.78 0.95 0.99 0.78 0.69

*Tested with HSE Acoustic Fleece + 50 mm thick, 32 Kg/m2 Glasswool

HSE Wood wool Acoustic Boards are having very good thermal Properties in addition to Acoustic Properties, It is well suited for areas where cool environment will be required, Insulation Value: 45w/m2/K

HSE Acoustic Wood wool Ceiling tiles are very good against fire & having very excellent fire resistance properties and also non inflammable and immune any fire hazards. Our Wood wool cement boards are tested and classified according to DIN 4102 standards and flammability Test ASTMD-876, self extinguishing as per IS.

Our Acoustic Wood wool Boards are vermin & Termite proof. It doesn’t rot due to moisture of fungus.

Our Acoustic Wood wool Boards are very good at structural strength because of interlocking and binding of fibres with a mixture of special cement

Strength Test Values

Flexural Strength 0.91 N/mm2
Compressive Strength 0.20 N/mm2

Acoustic Wood Wool Tiles Dimensions/Thickness

Thickness 15 mm 20 mm 25 mm
Dimensions 600 X 600 mm 600 X 1200 mm

Our Acoustic Wood wool Panels are the widely used for Acoustic/Sound Absorbing wall paneling in Multiplex, Cinema Halls, Theaters, Studios, Conference Rooms etc. Printed Fabric or Plain Acoustic Fabric or stretched Acoustic Fabric can also be pasted on these panels on site to obtain some design & pattern.

HSE Acoustic Wood wool tiles also good at regulating Humidity and acts as a very good hygrometric regulator. Our Acoustic wood wool tiles absorbs excess humidity and release that humidity when there is a normal room conditions without any impact in shape of tile.