Stretched Acoustic Fabric paneling system

Stretched Fabric Acoustic paneling system

H.S. Engineers Stretched paneling system

HS Engineers is leader in the supplying & Installation of stretched Acoustic fabric paneling systems for walls and ceilings. Our stretched Acoustic Paneling system is designed to give architects, designers, consultants and end users the best Performance & Aesthetic look of our Stretched Acoustic fabric wall system.

Our stretched fabric Acoustic system meets both acoustic and aesthetic purpose with a wall/ceiling Acoustic Sound Absorption application. Our Stretched Fabric Acoustical Fabric Systems for walls & ceiling offers the complete Acoustic solution for types of Rooms.


Sound Absorption Performance

Frequency(Hz) 125 250 500 1Khz 2Khz 4Khz
Sound Absorbent Coefficient(1″) .08 .31 .79 1.01 1.00 0.99
Sound Absorbent Coefficient(2″) .35 .94 1.32 1.22 1.06 1.03

HSE Acosonic stretched fabric paneling system has the following advantages or features

  • Flexibility for adapting to varying field conditions.
  • Low delivery time
  • No transportation damage of the Stretched fabric system as it is completely supplied loose & onsite installation.
  • No scribing of panels in the field to achieve perfect alignment at the inside corners, outside corners and ceilings.
  • No finished wall Preparation
  • No Stapling required
  • Variety of insulation material use
  • Lo Cost of fabric replacement in future
  • Flexible Choice of Fabrics
  • Complete System is reusable in future for shifting
  • The ability to use any approved absorptive, reflective or composite core required behind the fabric.
  • Class A rated, Flame Spread
  • Easy fabric removal and replacement in the event of soiling or damage or moisture.
  • Low Cost priced with pre-manufactured Acoustic panels.

Our stretched fabric Acoustic system are used for:

  • Theaters, Auditorium
  • Recording studio
  • Indoor Stadium
  • Lecture Hall
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Museum
  • Music hall
  • Library
  • Courts
  • Banks
  • Multi-function hall
  • Business office
  • Meeting rooms
  • Conference Hall
  • BPOs etc.