Belt Conveyors


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A belt conveyor is a type of conveyor system, which has two or more pulleys, and rotates above a continuous loop of material to transport materials from one place to another. Both or one of the pulleys is powered. The pulley which is powered is known as the drive pulley while the pulley which is not powered is known as the idler. Belt conveyors may be classified into two main industrial classes namely:

  • Material handling
  • Bulk material handling.

Trough Belt Conveyors

HSE Troughed Belt Conveyors are always individually designed to suit the particular application but are constructed from standardized components to gain the benefit of established design and economy of manufacture. Any width of belt, length of conveyor, power or belt speed can be supplied, with drive heads incorporating standard power ranging from 0.75 kW to 150 k and belt widths from 250 mm to 2150 mm available. All types of supporting structures, towers, take-up units, walkways, platforms, stairways, belt covers, chute work, trip wire systems, electrics are supplied. Second-hand/reconditioned frames and components can also be supplied subject to availability. Frame sections can be of lattice braced, channel or angle construction, either welded sections with bolted joints or welded side panels and bolted cross members to enable frames to be packed flat to reduce shipping space and cost.Easy maintenance

The pre-assembled segments and the lightweight construction allow fast installation and easy maintenance.

  • High efficiency

Efficient materials handling in small to mid-size plants, since several products can be conveyed by a single belt.

  • High operational safety

Extensive safety devices such as speed and off-track detectors ensure optimal system monitoring.

  • Gentle handling

The product is hardly exposed to any friction during conveying.

Modular Flat Belt Conveyors

Modular Belt Conveyors are often associated with processing environments where cleanliness and regular washing down of equipment is necessary.

This style of conveyor also suits the handling of irregular shaped or soft packaging e.g. bags or envelopes.

A single length of Modular Belt Conveyor is capable of handling both straight and curved sections in a single run. Modular belts which incorporate friction modules also cater for incline and decline of product loads.

Conveyor construction is selected dependent on application and environment.

Side frames are either stainless steel or powder coated mild steel with many construction options as to how to support and return the Modular Belt.