Anechoic Noise Test Chambers

Anechoic Noise Test Chambers

We are H.S. Engineers , one of India’s most reliable and largest Designers, Developers & Suppliers of Anechoic Chambers for Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) Test Facilities.

We are industry’s foremost experts on Soundproofing, Acoustics, Noise & Vibration Control, NVH Test Chambers, etc. having numerous prestigious clients.

We offer:

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  • Noise Test Booth
  • NVH Test Chambers
  • Assembly Line Noise Test Chamber
  • Quiet Room / Engine Test Chamber
  • Anechoic Chamber
  • Mini Anechoic Chamber
  • Semi Anechoic Chamber
  • Hemi Anechoic Chamber
  • Portable Anechoic Chamber
  • Reverberation Room


We design, manufacturer and install all types of Anechoic Chambers which precise the specifications for many industries and fit to required applications. Anechoic Chamber is a specific type of room which is completely free from sound reverberation. And any sound projected into the room, at any frequency, is fully absorbed.


H.S. Engineers chambers are constructed with noise attenuating outer structures of modular panels and have all interior surfaces lined with PU wedges Foam or Metallic Wedge of Plain absorbing surfaces. This has working floors constructed with grating floor sections to support heavy test specimens above the floor wedges. This is basically designed to suppress the internal sound reflections and used for acoustical measurements.

The effectiveness of an anechoic chamber is measured in dB of rejection, which is the ratio of direct sound to reflected sound inside the room. Our designed anechoic chamber provides better than 80dB rejection from 20 kHz down to 80H.


H.S. Engineers design anechoic chambers for the applications that require precision-level acoustic measurements need to optimize product design and performance of Loudspeakers, Microphones , Cell Phones , Information Technology Equipment , Automobile Components & Home Appliances.

ISO 3744
ISO 3745
ANSI S12.55

Semi Anechoic Chamber

A room which creates free field conditions but above a reflective plane. Above a certain frequency all sound waves that hit the walls or ceiling of the chamber will be absorbed.

This type of chamber is normally used in vehicle testing with a rolling round so that the vehicle may be driven. The semi-anechoic chamber then forms a controlled environment with the surrounding acoustic conditions behaving as a sterile version of the real world. In this way accurate measurements of the sound inside and outside the vehicle can be made under operating conditions.

Hemi Anechoic Chamber

HEMI-ANECHOIC CHAMBERS have acoustical treatment on the walls and ceiling only and feature hard floors with no acoustical treatment. The solid floor of the hemi-anechoic chamber is common for testing large and heavy equipment such as automobiles, construction equipment, ATV’s or white goods and appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, where the normal mode of operation is over a reflective plane such as a floor or hard road surface.

Both Hemi-anechoic and Full anechoic chambers can be used in combination with reverberation rooms for transmission loss studies for car body panels and even the noise attenuating characteristics of aircraft fuselage construction.

Hemi-Anechoic chambers are designed to incorporate sound attenuating features such as isolated floors, light and power connections, ventilation, temperature and humidity control, instrumentation sleeves, control supports, working floors as well as single or double sound doors. All of our chambers provide a fully integrated acoustical testing & evaluation facility.

Mini Anechoic Chamber

  • By aligning automatic measuring system, you can save a time margin on measuring.
  • You can measure as much as you like by using the mini anechoic chamber at your location.That gives you a time margin in measuring to clear standards and save a developing cost after all.
  • This mini anechoic chamber provides you a lot of values as much as a low cost, a short-termed construction, no more large space required and a convenience in measurements as just you are.

Portable Anechoic Chamber

H.S. Engineers Portable Anechoic Chamber are preferred by a communications manufacturer to perform acoustic tests on digital assemblies being developed by their acoustics laboratory. This all steel panel construction using the unique cam locking hardware allows this unit to be manufactured and shipped in 3 sections and quickly assembles on the lab floor.

The outside dimensions assembled are 2337 W x 2337 D x 2413 H ( 92″ W x 92″ D x 95″ H) and the free field area is mm 1499 W x 1499 D x 1499 H (59″ W x 59″ D x 59″ H). Provision was made to place a removable table in the interior to set up and perform experiments. The wedge units are Standard EW wedges, 250 Hz. Cut off frequency. Lighting, cable access ports, vibration isolation and an interior door safety release are included with the unit.