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HSE is largest supplier of Corner, Wall Studio Bass Traps in India. Bass Traps are acoustic absorbers or damper or acoustic baffles which have the ability to capture low frequency sound. Bass traps are used to provide acoustic absorptive treatment in Studios, Music practice Rooms, Recording rooms etc and are common tools used in architectural acoustics. They are particularly useful in the acoustic treatment of home theaters, recording studios, mastering suites, and other venues built to provide a critical listening environment.

Bass traps provide a means to control room reverberations at low frequencies, a part of the audible bandwidth especially troublesome when critical listening venues are located in small rooms. Like all acoustically absorptive materials, bass traps function by turning sound energy in a room’s air volume into minute amounts of heat through friction.

A common misconception regarding bass traps, is that they remove all the bass from the room. This is in fact false, rooms that do not have any or sufficient bass trapping are commonly described as having a boomy or muddy sound, whereas a room that has been properly treated will have an articulate, punchy bass sound.