Movable Acoustic Wall Partitions

Movable Acoustic Wall Partitions

HSE is a leading Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporters of Movable Acoustic Walls in India.

HSE has been in the Acoustic business for more than 12 years, HSE alone executed more than 500 projected across India & executed more than 100 projects through our affiliates & consultants in the field of Movable Acoustic partitions.

 Acoustic Baffles are a creative solution giving a room effective acoustics, even when the available ceiling and wall surfaces are insufficient for optimal sound absorption.

HSE are lightweight high performance baffles used to absorb noise in buildings. These are particularly useful in situations where the roof space has a multitude of various services. Not only are excellent acoustic results achieved in this way, but aesthetically innovative solutions are created. Typical uses are in schools, Cafeteria, Workshops, Machine workshop, Factory, BPO, Call Centers, swimming pools, leisure centres, exhibition areas, offices, studios and other internal building areas.

The retrospective acoustic optimization of buildings is often very expensive. The installation of a suspended ceiling is not always possible to adjust the room’s reverberation time to an acceptable level. Acoustic Baffle solutions from HSE can be retrofitted quickly and easily and in addition, offer many architectural design possibilities that meet the highest design requirements.

To find the appropriate solution, HSE consultants and designers work in partnership to provide help and advice. A team of trained experts supports clients to find a perfect, quick and easy, retrofittable solution for every room design and acoustic situation.


  • Individually operable panel elements
  • High quality, proven and rugged system.
  • Extensive variability and guaranteed flexibility for maximum functionality
  • Torsionally stiff aluminum/tubular steel fine-frame construction
  • Double-skin construction Principle
  • Panel thicknesses: 80, 100 mm (depending on type)
  • Element heights: up to 14,500 mm (larger heights by arrangement)
  • Sound insulation values: Rw 34 to 60 dB (depending on type)
  • Manual operation possible
  • Exceptional ease of use Multiple layout designs: straight, angled, polygonal and ellipsoid configurations possible
  • Variants for preventive fire protection: F 60, F 120 (in closed position)
  • Panels hung in acoustic free suspension
  • Panels interchangeable
  • Panel designs: Fabric, Melamine, Veener
  • Positive locking with deep profile interlocking accrued