Studio Acoustic

Studio Acoustic

H.S. Engineers Studio Acoustics

H.S. Engineers provides complete acoustic design and site execution to setup new studio. The acoustic treatment is very important to achieve four goals

  • To prevent standing waves and acoustic interference from affecting the frequency response of recording studios and listening rooms.
  • To reduce modal ringing in small rooms and lower the reverb time in larger studios.
  • To absorb or diffuse sound in the room to avoid ringing and flutter echoes, and improve stereo imaging.
  • To keep sound from leaking into or out of a room. That is, to prevent your music from disturbing the neighbors, and to keep the sound of passing vehicles from getting into your microphones.

Following are the requirements to set new Studio

  • Selection of Room to convert into studio ,it should be free from outside / road noise
  • Acoustic Treatment
  • Bass Traps
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Reflection Filters
  • Soundproofing
  • Studio Monitor Placement
  • Studio Monitor Stands
  • Monitor Isolation Pads
  • Desks/Workstations
  • Chairs

The internal aesthetic look can be design as per architect / clients need to match with interior and good for video recording.