Ceiling Metal Acoustic Tiles

Ceiling Metal Acoustic Tiles

H.S. Engineers Clip in/ Lay In Perforated Ceiling Tile

HS Engineers Acosonic metal Acoustic ceilings are made of GI/ Aluminium or SS light-weight zinc coated steel, pre painted with Pure Polysester Powder Coated and treated for long life, rust less performance, fire and moisture resistance. All HSE metal ceilings are designed for simple and economical installation on standard exposed systems or purpose designed grids which are easy to install and remove with minimum tools. Metal construction enables frequent access to plenum without damage. The flexibility of the grid system, makes for easy integration of services such as lighting, sprinklers and air grilles. Armstrong offers a full range of plank and tile metal ceiling options. Availability of different widths and lengths enables breaking away from normal grid pattern. Special options for signature spaces, e.g. Curved metal ceilings, Open Cell ceilings and Mesh lay-in panels Armstrong’s metal tiles and planks can be specified with a range of acoustic treatments depending on the balance between intelligibility and confidentiality you wish to achieve. Our Metal Acoustic Ceiling Products are offered in Plain, Perforated, Micro-perforated. Apart from defining the visual appearance of the product, the perforation will also influence the acoustic performance of the ceiling. Metal ceilings offer a range of light reflectance values between 63 & 87%

Our Acoustic metal tiles are installed with 100-200 mm Air Gap or can be fixed on Ceiling with 50 / 75/ 100 mm thick, 96Kg/m3 density acoustic insulation backing with 0.5mm thick Acoustic fleece which results in NRC b/w 0.96-1.0. The tiles are available in multi color which will give very good aesthetic look.

Clipin Acoustic Metal Tile

Colour options:

Available in standard Global White colour. Special colours available on request


  • Modern work spaces
  • Hospitals
  • Break out zones in offices
  • Clean rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Transportation
  • Metro Rail Stations
  • Airports
  • Conference Rooms
  • Auditorium Rooms

Installation (lay In)

H.S. Engineers Lay-On Acoustic Tiles install on T-Grid suspension system.

Lay In Metal Acoustic Tiles

Installation (Clip In)

H.S. Engineers Clip in Acoustic Metal Tiles install on V Spring GI Channels

Clipin Acoustic Metal Tile Frame

Layin Acoustic Metal Ceiling Tile


Standard Dimensions:

  1. 595 X 595 mm
  2. 600 X 1200 mm

Ready available color: Off White, Cream

Customized color available on request: MOQ will be 50 m2

Price*: Rs. 100 Per Ft2

Price will subject to change as per market fluctuation

Acoustic Metal Tiles comes in 02 thickness in: 0.5 mm/ 0.7mm

Perforation Dia : 2.5mm @5mm diagonal Pitch

Types (Installation)

  1. Lay In Metal Tiles
  2. Clip In Metal Tiles

Types (Acoustic Performance)

  1. Perforated Metal Acoustic Tiles
  2. Plan Metal Reflective Tiles

Types (Aesthetic)

  1. Tegular
  2. Edge
  3. Beveled

Perforated Metal Acoustic Tiles

NRC: 0.75 with Acoustic Fleece

NRC: 0.95 with 75mm thick Acoustic Insulation

Plain Metal Acoustic Tiles

NRC: No Sound Absorption on Sound Reflection