Acoustic Foams

Acoustic Foams

H.S. Engineers PU Foam Anechoic Wedge – PU Foam Anechoic Wedges are made out of from PU Foam , Grey color, 32 D FR low density polyurethane foam .Tested from ARAI for Random Incidence Sound Absorption Coefficient (RISAC) as per IS-8225/ ISO – 354 standards & also tested for flammability test as per UL 94-1998; clause 12 , HF- 1Class

Properties of PU Foam

S.No. Parameter Specified Value Test Method Observed Values
1 Density (kg/m3) 30 + 1 IS-7888 31
2 Tensile Strength (kg/cm2) >= .80 IS-7888 1.07
3 Elongation (%) >= 120 IS-7888 130
4 Hardness value (IFD) Kg/323 Cm2
@ 50% Compression
30 To 40 IS-7888 37.03
5 % Resilience >=30 IS-7888 34
6 F.R. Properties Comply to UL 94

H.S. Engineers (SW-1) Anechoic Wedges: – Eextremely low density material and this facilitates installation, as wedges can be adhered directly to the anechoic chamber walls and roof with the minimum of mechanical fixings, there is no air gap. Length of wedges will depend upon Cutoff Hz, Very light, easy to install (glue), exhibits superior fire, off white colour, easily replaceable.

H.S. Engineers (FL) Fabric-covered wedges :- Wedges will be fixed onto perforated sheet metal angle brackets (just like mineral wool wedges) This makes removal of the wedges easier at a later date if required as the wedges are not glued. Wedge covered with non-flammable glass-fibre fabric. Cover does not absorb dirt that easily and can be replaced at low costs, resistant against contact damage, air gap at the back improves acoustic performance