Wooden Acoustic Tiles

Wooden Acoustic Tiles


Wooden Acoustic panels is a range of wood finish ceiling system and wall panels. Wood is the most beautiful and natural element used in interior decoration world over. Wood enables designers to create rich and warm interiors. Wooden Acoustic Panels range with its premium looks and exquisite shades provides an opportunity to create breath taking interiors.


Wooden Acoustic ceiling tiles are available in size of 600 x 600 mm & 300x1200mm in both Micro look-edge and SL2 concealed grid. The substrate is made of wood fibres and surface treated to resist fire.

The surface is plain and easy to install. Its smooth texture allows for clean perimeter finishes.

Wooden Perforated wall panels are available in 600 x 800 mm and channelled perforation in size of 2440 x 128 mm. They improve the acoustical character of the space.


Micro Look : Superfine 15 mm Steel Angle System or Silhouette is recommended.

Concealed Steel Angle System – SL2: The Wood Works SL2 ceiling range provides a monolithic visual by hiding the steel angle system. 24 mm face Prelude 38 with spacebar steel angle system is recommended.

Wall Panels: Special channelled panels with edge detail that provides conceal joints with a monolithic look to the premises.


In order to obtain the best decorative effect, we advise you to follow the points below:

  1. Display all the panels before fitting.
  2. Arrange them aesthetically with regard to their shade and grain.
  3. Install the ceiling tiles/ planks/ wall panels accordingly. With each order, it is recommended to allow for some extra panels to accommodate for visual variations.


For improved acoustical performance, several perforation options are available upon request such as diameter and percentage of perforations. HSE introduces for the first time the Helmholtz resonator perforation pattern in 3mm dia face pattern and grooved wall panels to increase the acoustical performance. To create an excellent speech and listening qualities in any room, i.e. a sound reflective ceiling in plain wood tiles mixed with absorbent material can be utilized to optimize reverberation times.


We offer a wide choice of beautiful veneers and laminates and a variety of

perforations; this allows great scope to create an interior to suit your needs, combining the warm veneers, laminates and the various perforation designs to improve both the aesthetics and acoustical performance of the space.


Wood, the most beautiful and vivid material for interior decoration, will become your favoured choice for exclusive projects in Retail & Entertainment, Hospitality, Restaurants, Offices, Conference Rooms, Specialty Stores.