Workshop Noise Control

Workshop Noise Control

Using noise barriers/Sound absorbing Panels & Baffles for workshops is necessary to ensuring that nearby residents and neighbouring businesses will not be disturbed. Soundproofing a workshop is also necessary in order to comply with workplace health and safety regulations & also for Employee hearing safety.

High noise levels will cause damage to human hearing. Short-term exposure to high levels of noise will lead to temporary hearing loss or hearing impairment, while long-term exposure can lead to permanent hearing damage. Noise pollution can also interfere with communication, increase tension levels, and affect peace of mind. The effect of low frequency noise and vibration on people is an important issue for communities around many industrial facilities.

Noise is biproduct of many industries, including mining, metal fabrication, woodworking, construction, and power generation produced by heavy Generators, Forging machines, Blowers, Compressors, Chillers, Wire Winding machine, Poly wrapping machines etc. Reducing noise is not only a legal responsibility. There are several noise reduction methods you can use, like providing enclosures around noisy machines, switching to quieter equipment, ensuring that machines are well-maintained, and reconsidering the positioning of noise sources.

Eliminating the source is the most effective way to reduce noise. If you cannot eliminate the noise itself, however, you must try to reduce the decibel level as much as possible, considering both the equipment and the workplace’s design and maintenance.

Soundproofing controls noise by absorbing and blocking the transmission of sound energy. There is a broad range of products and structures designed to solve even the most unusual and complex noise problems.

Soundproofing Doors

Soundproofing doors dramatically reduce noise in addition to increasing security and providing insulation qualities.CLICK HERE

Noise Reduction Curtains

Using a combination of sound absorption and noise barrier material, noise reduction curtains offer maximum sound control and noise reduction. Noise reducing curtains form a flexible barrier between the source of noise and workspaces.

Acoustic Doors

Acoustic doors allow you to maximise usable space while protecting areas from noise disturbance

PVC Strip Curtains

PVC door curtains not only keep noise under control, but they also give you quick, regular access to work areas. Unlike regular doors, you do not need to constantly open and close PVC door curtains because they automatically fall back into place.

PVC Swing Doors

Flexible PVC Swing Doors are renowned for the high level of insulation from noise that they provide

Modular Soundproofing & Acoustics Baffles Panels

HSE modular noise control panels are designed to control noise in virtually any workshop environment.
Whether you need soundproofing doors or need noise barriers for workshops, powerful soundproofing systems can be customised to suit your exact requirements. The reduction of noise at the source or in its path should be the major focus of your organisation’s noise reduction program. CLICK HERE

Operator Soundproof Chamber

HSE Soundproof Chamber will provide a modular Soundproof Chamber for operator who is monitoring heavy noise producing machinery like Generators, Boiler Room, Furnace etc. to protect him/her from Noise. CLICK HERE