Acoustic Sliding Doors

Acoustic Sliding Doors

HS Engineers Acoustic doors have been designed and developed to offer ideal solution by reducing & absorbing noise to an acceptable level.

These ultra-efficient doors provide access without compromising acoustic requirements controlling and excluding unwanted noise in a wide range of environments such as schools, hospitals, radio, television and recording studios, theaters, workshops, leisure, Auditoriums, factories and test facilities.

All Acoustic Doors & acoustic sliding doors are available in customized dimensions, made-to-measure and finished to meet the individual requirements.

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Track System

A highly efficient hermetic sealing system incorporating a unique patented rail assembly is used on HSE acoustic sliding doors.  Suspended from an overhead track, the door closes flush onto the sill and locks positively to form an hermetic seal.  This, combined with the special composition of the door blade provides exceptional smooth, silent operation and outstanding noise reduction qualities. Aluminium or stainless steel canopies are available.


  • Horizontal or vertical opening doors.
  • Manual and automated operation.
  • Silent, easy operation
  • Superb sealing quality.

Typical Sliding Door Applications

Our engineered solutions offer a wide range of applications and environments including:

  • Anechoic chambers – guaranteed acoustically controlled environments
  • Automotive test cells
  • Education
  • Engine test facilities (vehicle/component anechoic and semi-anechoic test rooms, “shake and rattle” and hot engine test facilities
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Loading bays
  • Research centres
  • Studios
  • Theatres
  • Utilities (power generation and water pumping stations)
Acoustic sliding door
Acoustic door