Operator Soundproof Chambers

Operator Soundproof Chambers

HSE manufactured Sound proof cabins and operating spaces offer a safe, ergonomic and, most importantly, a silent place to work. 

Properties and possibilities

• Standardized and custom-made.
• Sound insulation up to Rw 48 dB.
• Fire resistance >30 or >60 minutes.
• Turn-key, in combination with steel construction, hoisting equipment, fall protection, liquid tight floor, vibration insulation, (filtered) ventilation systems, fire valves, exhaust fumes system, lighting, air-conditioning, heating, operating panels, detection systems, cable entries etc.
• Approved and certified
• In-house blasting and preservation.


Sound proof cabins for

Engine rooms of marine and offshore vessels or as a quiet office space in factories and industrial halls or as a Silent environment for Boiler Rooms, DG Rooms, Turbine Rooms or any Machinery operating Room.

Service and Assembly

As a result, the durability of all materials that are used can be guaranteed. HSE offers total solutions, ranging from advice and design to production and assembly. Delivery and assembly is possible around the world.