Bass Traps

Archi Acoustics Corner Bass Traps

Acoustic Corner Bass Traps are used to absorb/dampens low frequency sound waves which minimize the low frequency noise of you room. Low frequency sound waves are extremely hard to control and minimize as they are extremely long. With the actual dimensional size 600 x 300 MM. The Corner Bass Traps also have flat surfaces which make it easy to place them side by side with other bass traps.You can also place arrange them together with the Corner Blocs.

These acoustic bass traps are commonly used in the broadcast and recording industries, as well as home theaters.

HSE ArchiAcoustics Soundproofing Acoustic Corner Bass Trap Features :

  • Designed & Made in India
  • Eliminates low frequency standing waves
  • Reduces echo and reverberation
  • Improves speech intelligibility
  • Exceptional acoustical performance
  • Mold-resistant, fire-retardant
  • Use for dampening and absorbing low frequency sound waves
  • Good for studios, recording studios, vocal booths, control rooms, your own music room
  • 1 Corner Bass Trap
  • Density:32kg/m3
  • NRC is 0.80
  • Color: CharCoal Grey

Product Specifications


PU Foam


Wedge, Plain, Pyramid


Lightweight, Impact Resistant, Moisture, Bacteria & Fungi Resistant, Tackable Surface


  • Broadcast and Recording Studios
  • Home Theaters
  • Sound Studios
  • Radio Stations
  • Music Recording Studios
  • Dubbing Room
  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Production Facilities
  • Music Rehearsal Spaces
  • Home Theaters and More.


300 MM


Exact Cut: 600 (H) X 300(Face Width) X 300 (Depth) MM
Custom Sizes Available on request




ASTM E84, Class A. 1″ – Flame Spread: 3,Smoke Developed: 84. 2″ – Flame Spread: 5, Smoke Developed: 11 3


Glue up direct on corners

Archi Acoustics Acoustic Bass Traps
Depth 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1KHz 2KHz NRC
12″ 0.87 0.92 0.94 0.98 0.99 0.80