Industrial Sound Control

Industrial Sound Control

Acoustic Enclosures

High noise cause for hearing damage, effect performance of workers which will impact entire production target, so safety and economic requirements make a noise control program essential for industries

H. S. Engineers. help solve noise problems by providing a complete line of acoustical panels which can be quickly and easily assembled to provide complete or partial enclosures for noisy equipment or to provide a quiet office in a manufacturing area. Acoustic panel enclosures are designed to provide optimum noise control through sound absorption and sound transmission loss.

Room Acoustic

H. S. Engineers offer Acoustic Treatment for DG Rooms / Compressor Room / Engine Test Cell. The Noise is control by providing Acoustic lining on walls & ceiling, acoustical material will be 48/64kg/m3 rockwool, tissue fiber laminated and finally covered with GI / Al. perforated sheet OR Clip-in tile pre coated perforated tiles give very good aesthetic look . All ordinary doors / shutters are to be converted in to sound proof doors. The proper Air ventilation system is designed to allow the maximum air changes so the engine does not overheat. Axial flow fan of required size & number provided for proper Air ventilation. Acoustic louvers, splitter & Insulated ducts are provided to suppress the noise where required.

Acoustic Attenuators – Louvers – Silencers

H. S. Engineers acoustic attenuators are us full to reduce noise generated by air or gas flow with keeping the pressure drop as low as possible without compromising the air or gas flow itself , acoustic attenuators or silencers are commonly used in , industrial, power plants , steel plants or mixed applications.

H. S. Engineers offers a complete range of acoustic attenuators / noise silencers to meet noise pollution control requirement. Ready-made silencers and custom built solutions are offered as per site requirements.