Vocal Booth – Recording Booth

Vocal Booth – Recording Booth

H.S. Engineers Vocal Booth / Recording Booth

H.S. Engineers provides very good quality vocal booth / audio recording booth to recording artists, producers and engineers. H.S. Engineers vocal booth gives great results whether doing professional or home recordings, film and television audio, voice over, broadcasting, educational lectures, instrument rehearsal, audiology, trade shows, marketing, worship, scientific testing.

H.S. Engineers vocal booth designed by acoustic scientist having 24 years experience in same field. The vocal booth designed for three levels of sound isolation in four different series to meet most any sound isolation need.

We offer a Series of vocal booth depending up the need of customer having single wall and double wall designs. The outer rigid shell is curved or angled to enclose a microphone, and lined with acoustically absorbent inner material.

The standard size of vocal booth is – 6ft x 6ft x 8ft, 6ft x 8ft x8ft also in a five sided pentagonal shaped room, to reduce standing waves.

We also offer Customized vocal booth / recording booth fit to location and space available.