Studio-Vocal Booth-Home-Theater

Studio-Vocal Booth-Home-Theater

Studio Acoustic


H.S. Engineers provides complete acoustic design and site execution to setup new studio. The acoustic treatment is very important to achieve four goals.

Bass Traps – Diffusers


H.S. Engineers provide bass traps to absorb Low frequency sound waves that are extremely long – and thus very strong – they are the toughest to control. Bass Trapping is an important piece of acoustical treatment to make sure to complete room plan by also including Absorption, Diffusion. H.S. Engineers bass traps made out of Rockwool which is very good for low, mid and high frequency.

Vocal Booth – Recording Booth


H.S. Engineers provides very good quality vocal booth / audio recording booth to recording artists, producers and engineers. H.S. Engineers vocal booth gives great results whether doing professional or home recordings, film and television audio, voice over, broadcasting, educational lectures, instrument rehearsal, audiology, trade shows, marketing, worship, scientific testing.

Home Theater Acoustics


H.S. Engineers takes turnkey project for home theater interior and acoustics, we provide high performance acoustic material with good aesthetic look. The acoustic lining on wall and ceiling can be place in different patterns to make theater attractive look wise.
Acoustic treatment also play very important role for sound purity and depends upon arrangement of seating locations, video display, and 5.1 / 7.1 channels surround sound speakers. The specular reflection points that will require sound absorbing treatment to control reverberation of sound waves. The NRC of acoustic panels should be 0.9 -1.0 NRC.