Sliding Portable Partition

Sliding Portable Partition

H.S. Engineers Acoustic Sliding Partitions

H.S. Engineers Provide Acoustic Sliding partitions, 90 / 100 mm thick, up to 55 dB acoustic performances. H.S. Engineers Engineers will help to select the correct and perfect system for best utilization of your space for better space utilization.

The H.S. Engineers sliding folding partition looks to meet the demands of contemporary designs. All of our systems are made to measure and specifically designed to meet the customer’s specification.

RAW MDF Panel thickness will be 90 / 100 mm thick. Face Panel will be made from 12 / 16 mm thick MDF / HDF Board, Acoustic insulation material filled in between to achieve acoustic performance up to 55 dB (A)

Manually Operated by a Handle inserted in the Panel Stile. The panel Trims will be standard series in 6063 – T5 Natural Anodized Aluminum shall be used. Each panel will have top and bottom Rubber Retractable seal with Concave / Convex Vertical Interlocking profiles. Vinyl Seal of Butane Rubber will be used at top and bottom and as well as Closure Seals for the Operable wall system. Retractable seal drop will be 20 mm.

Each Panel shall be suspended on Extruded 6063 – T5 Natural Anodized Aluminum Track, No floor track, Steel Cold Ball Bearing Rollers / Trolley of material nylon wheel made with the base Material of POM 45 tempered steel , maintance free with multiple Balbearing. The individual element is adjustable in height without opening of the ceiling.

The panel surface finish will be in RAW MDF / MICA / Fabric as per Architect / Client’s choice. The panels will be stacked as per the agreed method accordance with the architetural plan. Centre Stacking or side stacking as per archetectural plans.

Advantages H.S. Engineers movable wall partitions

  • Custom design as per architectural plans / layout
  • Centre / Side stacking
  • Acoustic Performance up to 55 dB
  • No floor track. only top hanging
  • Satisfies high ceiling requirements with custom engineered panels up to 21ft. high
  • Various finishes , MDF , Mica Laminate , Fabric , Paint etc.
  • Optimal for usage in conference, multi-purpose, hospitality and convention facilities, Creating extra revenue in Hotels, Conference Halls, Convention Centers by holding several smaller functions as well as large ones
  • The most favouring advantage is it provides excellent high privacy, energy savings and at the same time aesthetically appealing flexibility (Layouts of the room can be changed as per the venue requirements) in the form of sound proofing.

STC Test Reports

Stacking Arrangements


Mica Finish


Fabric Finish


Combination of Mica and Fabric finish