Sliding Doors


H.S. Engineers” has long been acknowledged as the world leader in the design and manufacturers of sliding doors. H.S. Engineers products are very versatile and can be used in different applications like timber doors, warehouse doors, industrial doors, Hydro Power Plants.

H.S. Engineers” Doors slides horizontally and vertically as per the site requirement, the sliding system can be manually, mechanically, Geared, with Pneumatic Cylinder or with Hoist

The doors are fabricated with structural steel and frame designed for easy site installation in RCC wall. Hinges of door are provided with slide bearings / roller bearings to make maintenance free.

The door leafs can be one side slide / two side slide / one side overlapping slide OR two side overlapping slide as per site and space available.

The “H.S. Engineers” sound proof doors can be design for desired STC rating up to 50 STC for noise control