Semi-Anechoic Chamber

Semi-Anechoic Chamber

The Semi – Anechoic chamber is typically used to house the equipment for performing measurements of noise and vibration. H.S. Engineers designs and provides semi anechoic chambers for automotive testing (components / full vehicle) with a high degree of accuracy. The room is made with solid floors and walls where the ceilings are absorbent. Due to the solid floor of the room, the equipment can easily stand on the same.

Vehicle Semi-Anechoic Chambers are typically used for the measurement of Noise and Vibration of Vehicle during run-up, steering wheel testing, engine compartment testing, seat rail vibrations and measurement of exhaust and air intake.

H.S. Engineers Semi Anechoic chambers can also be used to test  power train mountings, engine vibration, noise source location, structure-borne noise analysis and other components and measurement of engine power characteristics.

H.S. Engineers Anechoic chambers are typically designed with a 100Hz cut-off frequency using ECO-10 Anechoic Wedges which provide 0.99 % absorption also made out from Fire retardant (FR) material.

Tests & Standards

Sound Power Level Measurement to BS ISO 3744 / ISO 3745 and BS 4196