Full Body Sanitization Tunnel

Full Body Sanitization Tunnel

HS Engineers, Greater Noida has developed “Full Body Sanitization Chambers” which can be used by hospitals, department stores, apartment buildings, Manufacturing Plants, Offices, IT’s etc or any person owning or managing a facility in order to sanitize the entrants of the premise and contain the spread of corona in their premises.

The “Sanitization Chamber” operates in the following manner:

Every entrant to the premises have to walk through the Tunnel in which the Disinfectant Mist shall be sprayed on the body and clothes so that the entire external surface of the person and the garments are sanitized thereby leaving no traces of the virus to infect the person or anyone else.

Typical Applications of Sanitization Tunnel

  • Industrial Premises entry Gate
  • Society Gate Entry
  • School Entry gate
  • IT’s Company Entry


  • 95% Bacteria/Virus germs kill
  • Portable
  • Quick Sanitization
  • Touch free usage
  • Full Body Sanitization