Polycarbonate / PMMA Noise Barrier

Polycarbonate / PMMA Noise Barrier

H.S. Engineers Sound barriers are most effective at mid- and high-frequencies, while low frequency sounds may require the use of longer and taller sound walls for mitigation. While the sound insertion loss of a sound barrier can be limited, it can be often optimized to provide sufficient reduction of the offensive sounds. The height and length relationship of sound barriers is well documented. At a minimum, the sound barrier should at least block the line-of sight between the sound source and the receiver. Additionally, the sound waves that travel around the ends and over the top of the sound barrier can be significant, as well as the sound waves reflecting off of other nearby buildings and structures.

There are mainly two types of Noise Barriers:

  • Absorptive Type (sound absorbent materials and possible finishes of absorptive panels)
  • Reflective Type (Transparent & Non-transparent)

Sound barriers reduce the noise which enters a community from a highway by absorbing, reflecting, or forcing the sound to take a longer path over and around the barrier. Sound is energy that decreases in intensity as it travels away from its point of origin. Sound waves travel out in all directions from vehicles on the roadways. When the sound waves encounter an obstacle or barrier, some of the sound will bounce off the barrier’s surface. This is called Reflection. If the surface is porous, where there are small cavities or holes that extend into the interior of the barrier material, a portion of the sound waves will travel inside the cavities when they reach the surface. The waves will bounce around and eventually expend all their energy. This process is called Absorption.

H.S. Engineers Polycarbonate / Acrylic Sheet Noise Barrier offers a comprehensive range of Polycarbonate Solid Sheets, Polycarbonate Embossed Sheets and Acrylic Sheets which are made of high quality raw materials. Our range offers maximum levels of glazing performance where transparency or tailored light transmission along with high impact strength is of vital importance. The transparent barriers are made of PMMA (polymethylmeth acrylate) OR polycarbonate Sheets, placed between support railings. Moreover, these Polycarbonate Embossed Sheets, Polycarbonate Compact Sheets, and Acrylic Sheets are clear in color and available in various thickness, length and colors to opt for.

These barriers are solely for isolation and meet the strictest criteria of the European standards EN 1793 regarding devices for the reduction of road traffic noise.

On demand, they are colored, translucent, inclined or wrapped around. They perfectly integrate with other types of barriers.

Key features:

  • Highest Performance in Transparency/light transmission makes H.S. Engineers polycarbonate sheet, energy saver.
  • With High Impact strength, safety is the prime importance of H.S. Engineers Polycarbonate sheet.
  • Break resistance, Low handling loss and installation charges makes H.S. Engineers sheets, as economical.
  • Because of U.V. Resistance, H.S. Engineers sheets prevent transmission of Harmful Ultra Virus raises.

Acoustic isolation according to EN 1793-2
H.S. Engineers Polycarbonate Sheets and Polycarbonate Compact Sheets are Weather Resistance

  • Durable
  • Running Long Life
  • Uniform quality
  • Light weight
  • Sound Insulation
  • Because of Limited Oxygen Index, do not help /contribute in growing of fire/flame spread.
  • Helps in reducing inside Temperature
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Easy Thermoforming and Machining.

Compact Polycarbonate / Acrylic Sheets (Available in Different Colours)We are engaged in offering a wide range of building construction material which includes compact polycarbonate sheets. We offer compact sheets as per the needs and demands by the society of architects, engineers and builders. These compact polycarbonate sheets help in providing a smart way of minimizing the consumption of energy for artificial electrical lighting in several application areas. These are highly durable and provide longer service time. Our clients can avail these from us at very nominal prices

Specification of Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Thickness :10 /12/15 mm
  • STC Rating : 32 / 34/36
  • Both side UV coated
  • Light Transmittance : 90% for clear and 80: for Coloured ones
  • Tensile Strength : At least 60 N/m2
  • Modulus of Elasticity: At least 2000 N/mm2
  • Fire Retardant: As per EN 1794-2, Annex. A Class 2
  • Stone Impact Resistance: As per EN 1794-1 Annex. C
  • Fire Spread of Frame: BS 476, Part 7 , Class 1 or 2
  • Yellowing index shall be less than 10 as per ASTM D 1925 or equivalent
  • No mottling
  • The above properties shall not vary by about 5-10% of the original values over a 10-year period

Technical Specification of Acrylic Sheet

Product properties Test Results test method
Tensile Strength min 70 MPa ISO 527-2/1B/5
Elongation at break 5% ISO 527-2/1B/5
Flexural Strength min. 98 MPa ISO 178
Elastic Modulus min 3.300 MPa ISO 527-2/1B/5
Density 1,19 g/cm³ ISO 1183
Thermal expansion coefficient 0…50 °C 70 x 10 -6 1/K DIN 53752-A
Max. permanent service temperature 70 °C
Vicat softening temperature 102 °C / 110 °C ISO 306 / B50
Light transmission of clear sheets min. 90 % DIN 5036
Weighted sound reduction index DLR
15 mm / 20 mm / 25 mm
30 / 32 / 33 dB EN 1793-2 /

Salient Features of H.S. Engineers Polycarbonate / Acrylic Sheet Noise barrier:

  • The H.S. Engineers Polycarbonate / Acrylic Sheet Noise barrier will fulfill both acoustic and non acoustic aspects & properties. The noise barrier is designed complete ecofriendly, aesthetically good /as per location / Finish & Shapes.
  • Noise Barrier Structure is designed according to wind Pressure in Particular area and it is Firm & Stiff Structure to fulfill Safety Norms. And it is designed aesthetically to create Positive Atmosphere and to reduce potentiality of Negative effects.
  • Noise Barrier shields the Noise generated from the noise source.
  • Noise Barrier is designed vertically and is slightly parabolic shape for good aesthetic, and to diverse the noise from the Origin.
  • The Noise Barrier is designed up to 36 dB (A) Transmission loss.
  • Noise Barrier joints are designed with rubber gasket to block the Noise Leakage.
  • The Height of Noise barrier will be as per design / site requirement.
  • The Polycarbonate / Acrylic Sheet Noise barrier having plain surface means minimum maintenance & easy to clean.