Mobile Charger Assembly Line Conveyors manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Mobile Chargers Assembly line conveyors manufacturers in India. Aluminium profile assembly conveyors suppliers from Greater Noida

We manufacture best quality Mobile charger assembly line conveyors in India. Length & width of Charger Assembly line conveyor vary as per client requirement. Conveyor carry mobile charger from one workstation to another for assembly of different charger components.

  • Charger Assembly Conveyor consists of single side or both side working beds, width of side working beds vary from 250 mm to 450 mm used to pick products from Conveyor belt out it into side bed for assembly of components
  • Charger Assembly conveyor consists of top working shelves for carrying tool/tackles.
  • Assembly Conveyor fitted with LED lights on top for good visibility
  • Our Assembly Conveyors comes with Tool holder on top used to hold Screwdriver etc.
  • Charger Assembly Conveyor optionally comes with pneumatic line used to clean product from dust while assembly
  • Complete structure is fabricated with 4040 Aluminium Section
  • Main Conveyor section fabricated with Aluminium 4080 Section
  • Our Charger Assembly line Conveyor fixed with Bonfligioli/Motovario/Premium Altra make Geared Motor
  • Our Charger Assembly Conveyor comes fitted with Microtel/Delta make VFD for variable speed.
Mobile charger Assembly Conveyor