Engine Dyno Test Room Acoustics

Engine Dyno Test Room

H.S. Engineers provides a complete turnkey solution for Engine Test facilities / Dynamometer test rooms  with Acoustic Isolation, Acoustic Door, Acoustic Window , Air Ventilation , Smoke Exhaust extraction system , Fuel tanks , Automatic / manual Fuel filling and piping system , Lighting inside the test cell, Cooling water system by provide cooling towers etc. is unrivalled in our capability to deliver.
H.S. Engineers also designs operator cabin adjacent to engine test facilities / Dynamometer test rooms by providing Acoustic Glass window in between test cell and operator cabin. As per international law the noise level inside the operator cabin should not more than 65 dB (A) with the added peace of mind of having a single supplier responsible for the acoustic performance of the chamber.

Dynamometer Test Rooms / Engine test cell provide properly silenced ventilation, evacuate heat, CO, and hydrocarbons. This ensures correct and stable airflow, a safe working environment, and sound reduction beyond conventional construction. H.S. Engineers provides drawings and assembly instructions combined with our technical support make installation simple for Indoor and outdoor test applications


  • Modular type Wall and Ceiling acoustic Panels
  • 4”/ 6”thick modular wall and ceiling panels.
  • Sound proof Doors of single / double leaf OR Sliding doors also available
  • Sound proof Glass windows
  • Silenced air Ventilation System
  • Acoustic insulated ducts
  • Custom layouts and Installation Services.