Acoustic Attenuators

H.S. Engineers acoustic attenuators are us full to reduce noise generated by air or gas flow with keeping the pressure drop as low as possible without compromising the air or gas flow itself , acoustic attenuators or silencers are commonly used in , industrial, power plants , steel plants or mixed applications.

H.S. Engineers offers a complete range of acoustic attenuators / noise silencers to meet noise pollution control requirement. Ready-made silencers and custom built solutions are offered as per site requirements.

H.S. Engineers provide acoustic attenuators for HVAC systems, Industrial fan n inlets and discharge at radiators, cooling towers, generators noise .

H.S. Engineers provides different type of acoustic attenuators depending on the design or construction of attenuators of a specific application. For example circular type / rectangular attenuators depending on the type of the inlets or outlets of the system. other type of acoustic attenuators are bend attenuators, called cross-talk attenuators, air-relief silencers, cross-talk attenuators etc.

Selection of Acoustic Attenuators are depends several factors, such as type of equipment, location of silencer , shape of pipelines , indoor, outdoor, increased humidity , affordable pressure drop. H.S. Engineers experts can help you with choosing an acoustic attenuator among those available in standard dimensions

H.S. Engineers Noise Control Engineering offers the entire range of noise control products and services, including acoustic attenuators for multiple applications.

  • Acoustic Enclosures for air-conditioning intake
  • Acoustic Enclosures for generators
  • Complete stand-alone acoustic plant rooms
  • Central ventilation systems
  • Workshop ventilation
  • Cooling towers
  • Wall grilles
  • Acoustic ventilation screens

Typical Applications of Attenuators

  • Industrial Plant Room Ventilation
  • Ventilation to Noise / Acoustic Enclosures
  • cooling towers & Air conditioning installations
  • exhaust  fans Silencers
  • Power Plants / Power generation equipment
  • Air ventilation systems Outdoor unit
  • Refrigeration Plants


  • Guaranteed performance for noise reduction and
  • Wide range of flanging options including TDC/TDF
  • Choice of finishes & build materials
  • Cost effective with long life and low maintenance
  • Sturdy construction designed to suit all applications

Performance Data

Model – Eco-900, Eco- 1200, Eco -1500, Eco-2400

Airflow of Rectangular Attenuators Eco model

Static Insertion Loss (dB)

Length (mm) 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000 Hz
900 4 7 18 34 43 38 22 14 dB
1200 6 10 23 40 47 42 28 17 dB
1500 6 16 32 42 48 42 32 20 dB
2400 10 28 38 46 52 50 43 28 dB